Virat Kohli shows middle finger to Sydney crowd

Indian middle-order batsman Virat Kohli  was seen raising his middle finger to the crowd at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Tuesday.

The incident happened while Kohli was fielding near the boundary in front of a group of Australian fans.

Virat Kohli shows middle finger

He is now in danger of being charged with a level-two offence for breaching the ICC’s code of conduct.

However, Kohli later defended his action on twitter saying,” I agree cricketers dont have to retaliate. what when the crowd says the worst things about your mother and sister. the worst ive heard”.

Kohli found some support from England cricketer Kevin Pietersen who tweeted, “ha ha ha ha ha!!! Welcome to Australia buddy!!”

“that’s the way it is mate.. Beat them & they start abusing their own!! #fickle.”

If Kohli is found guilty, he could face a minimum penalty of having half of his match fee docked or a maximum penalty of a one-Test suspension.

11 thoughts on “Virat Kohli shows middle finger to Sydney crowd

  1. vijai

    Penalty should not be given to virat. If they do so it is an injustic to the cricket player and they are permitting the crowd to do again and again. Oz crowd fu-k’s

  2. Parneet kaur

    He was provoked to do so……generally humans do react to such situtions…..there’s nuthin’ wrong with this……..

  3. Mukul Sharma

    he should also show his middle finger to head of icc and when the head replies than head should also be fined….head himself will say its good to show fingures to them ….n one fr me also to Australians…


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