VVS Laxman accused of using vaseline on bat

VVS Laxman was accused of using Vaseline on his bat to manipulate the Hot-Spot technology in the  Decision Review System (DRS).

Former England captain Michael Vaughan tweeted that Laxman might have used Vaseline on the edge of his bat to avoid detection by the hot spot technology.

“Has Vaseline on the outside edge saved the day for Laxman?” tweeted Michael Vaughan.

Laxman was on 27 when the last delivery of James Anderson’s ninth over passed his bat. The bowler and the rest of England players promptly went up in appeal for a catch behind the stumps.

As umpire Asad Rauf ruled in Laxman’s favour, England skipper Andrew Strauss went for DRS but that too didn’t favour the home side.

Stuart Broad was convinced it was a nick.

“Players feel Hot Spot sometimes doesn’t show faint edges. It’s a bit of a flaw,” stated Broad.

But what kept the controversy lingering was the Vaughan tweet which virtually accused Laxman of wrong-doing since Vaseline or any liquid on the bat don’t show up on the hot-spot technology.

Stuart Broad cheekily checked VVS Laxman’s bat for Vaseline.

“I had a cheeky feel of the edge of his bat as the ball went past him. There was no Vaseline, no liquid there. It’s just that Hot Spot is not showing very faint edges,” he said.

Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly slammed Michael Vaughan for the comments.

Ganguly said, “It’s ridiculous to suggest for someone who has played international cricket. To say so about Indian players and more so about VVS Laxman is absurd.”

“It’s an important series and an attempt to go after the Indian batters. We know where it is coming from and why it is coming from. If you want to win the series, you got to be fair. This sort of press works in Australia and you are trying to do the same. I hope India has the last laugh,” he said.

One thought on “VVS Laxman accused of using vaseline on bat

  1. Saurabh

    If its already been checked that there was no vaseline on Laxman bat right away the decesion made then why Vaughan need to flame it .. .. And for HOT Spot Tech supplier bbg sports already given statment that vaseline would not make any difference to system ..(10 millimeters of Vaseline on the side of the bat it would create discrepancy… impractical !! )


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