Warner’s switch-hitting tactics next ‘big thing in cricket’: Vettori

Melbourne: New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori has backed David Warner’s switch-hitting tactics, saying the ploy is good for the game of cricket.

Warner received support from both Vettori and Australia captain Michael Clarke, but players and umpires seem split in their views on the unique tactic.

Warner was told to stop switch-hitting by umpire Rod Tucker during the left-hander’s innings against West Indies on Tuesday night.

After the game, Warner maintained switch-hitting was within the rules and the spirit of the game and Clarke said he would seek clarification of the law before Friday’s Twenty20 match against New Zealand, FOX Sports reports.

“If you can switch-hit, it’s probably the next big thing in cricket. I have no opposition at all (to switch-hitting) as long as the white-line and lbw rules apply,” Vettori said.

“If you take that game on, the balance should be addressed a little bit. It’s great for the game. People love watching it. It’s not something you want to be ruled out of the game because people love watching it. If you can switch-hit, it’s probably the next big thing in cricket,” he said.

Warner’s new tactic of facing up right-handed can cause delays with fields being changed. (ANI)

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