We want to win for the country and Sachin, says Virat

Batsman Virat Kohli has felt that it’d be the best gift to Tendulkar if Team India wins the World Cup that will start in two weeks.

Virat doesn’t think anyone else will achieve for what Sachin achieved in his career. He said that it’ll be great if they can win not only for their fans but also for Sachin, who is a special person for them.

The 22-year-old feels that the greatest challenge during the World Cup will be keeping the external pressures unaffected with their performance.

The U-19 winning captain further said that playing World Cup itself is already a huge pressure for them since there’ll be lots of people who expect them to perform well.

Virat said that therefore, the biggest challenge will be not getting distracted by that and they will just concentrate on the game.

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