We’ll contact Sahara to clarify intentions: BCCI

“We understand that Sahara Adventure Sports Limited has issued a statement in which it indicates an intention to withdraw from its involvement in Indian cricket, including as regards the Indian Premier League,” BCCI Secretary Sanjay Jagdale said in a statement.

“We intend to contact Sahara Adventure Sports Limited as soon as practicable to clarify its intentions.

“If we understand Sahara Adventure Sports Limited’s statement, it intends not to participate in the 2012 IPL Auction or in the 2012 IPL Season.

“During the last few days Sahara Adventure Sports Limited has requested that IPL vary its Player Regulations by allowing it to increase its Auction Purse from $1.6m to $3.4m in light of Yuvraj Singh’s unfortunate illness.

“Whilst all within IPL and BCCI have a huge amount of sympathy for Yuvraj Singh and wish him all the best for a speedy recovery, it is unable to vary the Player Regulations.

“The rules are very clear and are consistent with previous seasons: Sahara Adventure Sports Limited may take a replacement following the 2012 Auction.

Additionally, the Trading Window will re-open on 6th February and Sahara Adventure Sports Limited will then have a further opportunity to take new players.

“In the first four seasons of IPL, other franchises have been obliged to cope with the periods of unavailability of their players and have taken replacements as per the regulations.

“The BCCI cherishes its relationship with all the IPL Franchises. The rules are applicable to all of them.”

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