WICB Offers To Meet With Gayle To End Impasse

Kingston (Jamaica), June 23 (IANS): The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has reached out to Chris Gayle to resolve the latest impasse over his exclusion from the national team.

Gayle was not picked for the ODI and Test series against India because of differences with the board over his exclusion from the side in the early part of the series against Pakistan and the left-hander’s subsequent widely-publicised interview where he strongly criticised the board.

Gayle met board officials June 14 along with West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA) president Dinanath Ramnarine, but the meeting turned ugly. Both parties have since expressed a willingness to reconcile.

WICB CEO Ernest Hilaire has written to Gayle, saying the meeting failed as “the discussions were repeatedly diverted to peripheral issues instead of being focussed on finding a constructive solution to the matter before us,” ESPNcricinfo reported.

Hilaire offered to meet with Gayle again. “However, the Board does recognise your contributions to West Indies cricket and the value which you bring to a West Indies team; and remains available to meet with you, should you be willing to do so, so that we can bring some resolution to this matter. We await your response to discuss a mutually acceptable way forward.”

The board still sought an apology from Ramnarine for his alleged misbehaviour during the meeting. It also suggested the WIPA, in the event that an apology wasn’t forthcoming, put forward another representative to engage with the board.

“WIPA should either facilitate an apology to the CEO from Ramnarine, together with an assurance/undertaking that he will not engage in any physical or verbal threats during meetings with representatives of the West Indies Cricket Board or identify alternative WIPA representatives to engage in meetings with the WICB,” the board said in a press release.

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