Yasir Hameed’s Clarification

Allegations were attributed to Yasir Hameed who is a Pakistani opener. He has clarified these allegations. An undercover video sting was aimed at Hameed in the newspaper of this Sunday where he can be seen in Nottingham while he was talking to an undercover reporter after the Test Series ended, a few days later.

On Sunday Hameed issued a statement at Pakistani High Commission re-iterating the comments which were made to ESPNcricinfo on later part of Saturday. The statement was read out by Tafazzul Rizvi who is PCB legal advisor.

According to Hameed the man in the video claimed to be a global airlines representative wanting to discuss possible sponsorship deals. The man was known to Hameed as Abid Khan. This man offered a huge sum of £ 25,000 to Hameed for issuing a statement against three of his team-mates who were at the centre of the controversy of spot-fixing. According to Hameed, he refused to do this.

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