Younis Khan, PCB blame each other for leakage of Australia tour report to media

A blame game has started over the leakage of the report of the enquiry commission, which was constituted by the Pakistan Cricket (PCB) to look into reasons behind the team’s deplorable performance during Australia tour, with both former captain Younis Khan and the board blaming each other for disclosing the details of the report to the media.

Younis’s lawyer Ahmad Qayyum said the report was leaked deliberately by the PCB, instead of handing it over to him.

“The report published on the front page of a leading English daily today was leaked by the PCB, but I did not receive the report. It is amazing that the concerned party has no copy of the report while it is made available to the media. I only received a hard copy today, in fact just five minutes before getting here. It is an attempt to conduct a media trial of Younis Khan,” The Dawn Qayyum, as saying.

The PCB’s counsel, Talib Hyder Rizvi, however, insisted that the board had kept the report a well-guarded secret till it had to be handed over to a few people for filing appeals against the ban on players.

“I had expressed my doubts that the report will not remain a secret for long and will be leaked to the media after it was handed over to the others and now you have seen all of it in the media,” Rizvi said.

It may be noted that a Pakistani English Daily had quoted former coach Intikhab Alam describing his team as a bunch of uncivilised players who do not know how to wear clothes or talk.

The newspaper’s report said that Alam had told the PCB enquiry commission that skipper Shoaib Malik had a ‘negative attitude’, and blamed him for infighting in the team.

“They do not know that they are representing the country. They don’t know how to wear their clothes and how to talk in a civilised manner,” the report quoted Alam, as saying during a hearing of the six-member commission,

Alam, who was sacked after the tour, however, refused to comment on the leaked report.

“I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I focused on cricketing issues,” he said. (ANI)

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