Wish Yuvraj a speedy recovery!

Yuvraj, who was declared the man of the tournament after the World Cup win in April, had opted out of the forthcoming one-day series against the West Indies due to health problem.

India’s Yuvraj Singh is being treated for a lung tumour which first affected him during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. The tumour, which is the size of a “golf ball”, is non-malignant.

“During the World Cup, Yuvraj found himself constantly troubled by bouts of coughing and vomiting. He ignored the problem, assuming it was due to stress and didn’t want anything to distract him during the course of such an important tournament,” said Yuvraj’s mother Shabnam Singh.

“The initial reports suggested that Yuvraj had what in medical terms, is called an abnormal tumour called lymphoma over his left lung. The danger was, we were told, that it could be malignant.”

“When he returned from England… detailed scanning, and biopsy reports indicated that the tumour is non-malignant and non-threatening and can be treated through proper medication and therapy. In medical terms, Yuvraj is now in a much better state and on his way to a full recovery.”

Yuvraj tweeted that he would be returning sooner rather than later.

“Overwhelmed with ur love n support. I am absolutely fine, just need to get match fitness and training will be back soon,” Yuvraj tweeted.

We wish Yuvi a speedy recovery.

8 thoughts on “Wish Yuvraj a speedy recovery!

  1. Aadi

    Hey Yoviiiiiiiii………….. U r on of my fvt Player………… u r not in indian team………. mujhe match daekhne mein hi maza nahi aa raha………… plz plz come back sooon

  2. Arpit

    Yuvi u r one of the most important player for india
    You had gifted india the world cup
    I wish for ur early recovery
    Get well soon
    We want to see u hitting six 6s again…

  3. akila

    r u fine?
    Get well soon
    nothing will happen to u
    i and my friends wish u a very suspicious and prosperty new year 2012 and another information this year 12-12-12 on your birthday
    take care



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