Yuvraj Singh Unfolded Middle Finger for Warning Sri Lankan Spectators

In Colombo, Yuvraj Singh has raised a controversy. He felt offended while entering into the playground in Colombo. As per the statements of the reporters and eyewitnesses, few Sri Lankan nationals started ridiculing Yuvraj by addressing him water boy.

Yuvraj was seen walking to his fellow cricketers for getting water bottles as he was thirsty. The Sri Lankan fans started booing Yuvraj by calling him water boy. Yuvraj showed his middle finger towards the fans.

It sparked controversy and there was impasse in the stadium. Later, Yuvraj’s complaint was registered in the police station against the groups of agitated fans who liked to jeer at him by using such stupid words.

Yuvraj is an international figure and it should not be treated in this way.

2 thoughts on “Yuvraj Singh Unfolded Middle Finger for Warning Sri Lankan Spectators

  1. roshan

    Maybe, sunita rai is not a regular follower of sports. These things are quite usual in global sports. Indians think their cricketers get the same respect around the world. sorry, that does not happen. Worse stuff has happened in India, so better stop complaining, indians!


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