Yuvraj thought of quitting last year

Yuvraj Singh, Indian batsman, revealed that he almost thought to quit international cricket after dropping from the ODI and Test teams last year.

He said that it was his toughest phase in ten years of his career and his parents were the ones who helped him overcome everything.

Yuvrah said that it was a tough time for him and he thinks it was the toughest in the last 10 years. He even revealed that there was a time when he asked himself if he wants to continue and he said that he thought to not play anymore since there were lots of negative vibes around him that time.

He further said that every time he hits the field, he gets injured and it was really bad for him. He said that he just came out of that depression with the help of his strong parents and few of his good friends, as well as few self-motivation and hard training.

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