Zaheer Abbas says Sachin Tendulkar is better than Bradman

Zaheer Abbas, former Pakistan Captain, said that people call Don Bradman as the greatest but he said he never saw the player bat but he knows that somehow, Bradman couldn’t be better than Sachin Tendulkar.

Considered as Paksitan’s one of the fienst batsmen, Abbas said that Tendulkar is certainly better than Bradman since he’s playing already for about 21 years. He said that it’s inspiring to see Tendulkar bat like he was a teenager. He said that their batsmen should learn from Tendulkar.

Abbas said that he’s proud that he’s the only Asian to score over a hundred first-class hundreds. He said if he was born in the 70s, he’d played twice but he said he was born in the wrong era.

Known as an Asian Bradman, he said that Tendulkar is good and lucky to be born at the right time since it’s a great combination for him.

Moreover, Abbas gave an advice to Pakistan Batsmen on talking more responsibility at the wicket and stay there. He said that they should stop on going for shortcuts at the international level.

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